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Henry Clapper was born on May 28, 1788 and Sarah Mohn was born on August 23, 1793, both in Pennsylvania. They were united in marriage in Bedford County, Pa, on April of 1811. After Henry served in the war of 1812, in Capt. Hugh Gibson’s Company, PA mil, they moved to Osnaburg Township, Stark County, between 1820 and 1830, obtaining 135 acres of land in District #10, along the Mapleton-Robertsville Rd, near where current Sam Krabill Rd heads north.

Henry and Sarah had 9 children born into this union. Of those, Jeremiah and Edward Clapper were born in Osnaburg Township on July 3, 1830 and November 3, 1833 respectively, the 7th and 8th children. The Clappers were a farming family and they led a simple pioneering life in the township.

Upon a recent visit to the Elson/Glen Cemetery in December of 2023, I was caught up in the graves of 7 children and one adult with the last name of Clapper. They we all located near the front of the cemetery and to the north side. Each of the children’s headstone inscriptions included either the son or daughter of J&M Clapper or E&M Clapper. I needed to find the history of these children and their parents and if possible, the world they so briefly inhabited.

Margaret A. Davis who was born in Pennsylvania in April of 1833, married Jeremiah Clapper in Stark County on March 24, 1853 by George Schiebele, a minister of the gospel. Jeremiah’s occupations include grocer and hotel keeper. They start their family soon after marriage. Sarah A is born in July of 1853 and Malinda is born February 26, 1855. Eli is born January 15, 1857, followed by Lewis on March 24, 1859.

Mary Ann Lilly, who was born in Ohio on May 9, 1835, married Edward Clapper in Stark County on November 3, 1853 by George Schiebele, a minister of the gospel. Edward was a farmer in both Osnaburg and Nimishillen townships. Edward and Mary already have a daughter named Salindy, born on November 24, 1850. Twins sons Adison and Madison are born on March 3, 1857 and Edwin on January 31, 1859.

I wonder how close the brothers lived to one another. They had other siblings and parents that lived and farmed in the Mapleton community, but tragedy hit both families in a 10 month period between June 1858 and April 1859. Adison died on June 20, then Salindy on July 14, followed by Madison on July 26 and finally Eli on August 4, all 4 within a 45 day period. Edward and Mary had lost 3 of their 4 children. On April 5, 1859, Jeremiah and Margaret lost Lewis, who lived only 12 days. All 5 are buried in Elson/Glen Cemetery.

Edward and Mary never had any more children, they only had Edwin left. Edward enlisted in the Union Army in 1865 and served 8 months.

Jeremiah and Margaret continued to add to their family, Alice R was born December 24, 1865, Albert A was born August 4, 1871 and died 3 months later on November 21st, and is buried in the Elson/Glen Cemetery. Even as Jeremiah and Margaret are still adding to their family, oldest daughter Sarah marries August Laubender and they have a son born in July of 1871, named Spencer A Laubender and he dies February 22, 1872 at the age of 7 months and is buried in Mapleton cemetery. Finally Jeremiah and Margaret have their last child, Allen M born August 9, 1875.

Under the weight of the death of their children or the end of the civil war, Edward, Mary and Edwin left Stark County in March of 1877 and moved to Marshall Illinois. Was it a painful departure to leave his brother, with whom he most certainly had to share grief with about their lost children? Maybe that grief had an impact on Jeremiah’s life, because he too died early, at the young age of 47 on July 12, 1877. He joins 4 of his children in the Elson/Glen Cemetery.

Margaret’s grief did not end with Jeremiah’s death; Allen died less than 2 years later on May 9, 1879 and was buried alongside his father, siblings and cousins, bringing the sad total of 7 very young Clapper children.

Margaret remarried and widowed and died on October 7, 1912, she was buried in Mapleton Cemetery as Margaret Warner.

Alice R, married Henry Hixson and she died January 4, 1921 and she is buried in Mapleton Cemetery.

Sarah and August Laubender had a second son, Milo William (1874-1932). Sarah lived until December 12, 1934 and is buried in Mapleton Cemetery.

Malinda married Charles Sautters and lived in Paris township. She had 9 children William (1879-1957), Cora {Smith} (1881-1975), Allen (1882-1927), Pearl {Bauman} (1884-1977), Ross (1886-1961), Robert (1888-1920), Hilda {Leggett} (1891-1987), Edgar (1894-1977), Claude {Lozier} (1895-1922). Malinda died March 14, 1934 and is buried in the Paris Township Cemetery.

Edward, Mary and Edwin are each buried in Marshall Cemetery, Marshall Illinois. Edward died January 28, 1905, Mary died April 10, 1922 and Edwin died October 3, 1930.

Jeremiah and Margaret left 3 daughters that lived to adulthood, with Sarah and Malinda having 10 children between them that also lived to adulthood.

The mystery of the Clappers at the Elson/Glen cemetery has been solved and was an interesting dive into Mapleton and the Clapper family histories.

A Huge Thank You to Mr. Craig Eick of Alliance who put this history together for us.  It is very much appreciated!
Louise Seidel, Bill Duffy, Laurie Soliday, Dorothy Bell